Security Personnel vs CCTV Security System: Which is Better for Your Business?

There is no doubt that having security guards is important in deterring crimes in a commercial property, but it is not enough. CCTV installation in Dubai is also very popular with business owners because it helps strengthen the security of their premises.

But if you can only choose one, should you opt for CCTV installation in Dubai or hire security personnel? If you have the money to invest in both, then go ahead. That will double the safety of your business. But if you can only choose one, then consider these factors.


Aside from the cost of CCTV installation in Dubai, you will also pay for monitoring services or proactive video monitoring. This additional service is needed for the CCTV system to be fully effective in crime and vandalism prevention.

Using a CCTV system will be less costly compared to hiring security guards. You don’t have to spend on salaries and benefits, nor do you have to pay the monitoring company extra money for work rendered during holidays.

Response time

The presence of security guards in your business can immediately deter criminals and intruders. And in an event of theft, security guards can provide prompt action to prevent crime or catch the culprit red-handed.

On the other hand, advanced CCTV systems have features that instantly detect suspicious movements. They can send an alert immediately to the remote communication hub so that the specialist monitoring your business will check the live camera feed and verify the threat. To deter intruders, a custom audio warning will be issued.

Health protocols

Security guards can help reinforce the health protocols to make sure that everyone in your store or office are following them. The problem is that their interaction with people may increase the likelihood of virus transmission and infection. A CCTV security system may be a better option in mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Using the cameras around your premises, you can check from time to time if everyone is observing health protocols.