Hikvision CCTV FAQ..!!

In this section we try to answer some of the more common questions we get asked.

How does infrared work on Hikvision CCTV camera?

The ability to film in low light conditions or even complete darkness is essential for many Hikvision CCTV applications & its high in demand. Part of the that ability is down to using the right electronics which are sensitive enough to work in low light, the other tool used is infrared or IR lighting.

Infrared light isn’t visible to the human eye but CCTV cameras switch to black and white as light levels fall and can film the IR light spectrum.

How does motion detection work with Hikvision CCTV cameras systems?

Motion detected recording is a feature on all Hikvision DVR/ NVR recorders. The Hikvision DVR/ NVR monitors camera images and decides when it thinks there is movement. To do this the DVR/ NVR looks at individual image frames and compares them to the previous one. If it sees differences then motion is assumed to have taken place. It is the DVR/ NVR not the cameras which is looking for movement.

most of the people only record footage when motion is detected in an attempt to extend the time footage is stored.

Can I install the security cameras myself?

We have range of Hikvision wireless IP CCTV Camera, you can do it yourself if you are some technical, Ask one of our security specialists to find out if this cost saving option is right for you.

Is a cctv security camera system affordable for a small business?

We believe small business are some of our best clients because small business owners personally appreciate the value of the additional management control and loss prevention that our Hikvision security camera systems provide.

Are your Hikvision security camera systems suited for large facilities?

Hikvision Camera Security now provides customer surveillance solutions to large and small facilities nationwide. When you consult with one of our security camera experts they will make sure you receive the cameras and the infrastructure to support them, that are right for your physical plant. Understanding the environment a cctv security camera system is to be used in is a key part of our consulting process. So, rest assured, our cameras are suited for large facilities.

How many days of recorded video will I be able to store?

The number of days worth of video any security camera system can store depends on storage space, number of cameras are recording at what resolution and at what frame rate are they recording.

Storage space your DVR or NVR has available the more video you will be able to retain. Standard systems now have anywhere from 1TB to 8TB of storage as standard. A common 1 Megapixel IP camera using H.264 compression, recording at 1208×1024 resolution and 15 frames per second will use approx 1.5GB Per Hour. In that scenario a 10 camera system recording 24 hours a day you could expect to use approximately 10 days of video on a 4TB system, or 20 days of video on an 8TB system.

How do I view the cameras remotely?

You can use your computer, laptop, cell phone, or other mobile device to remotely view your camera system. Internet access is required where the security cameras are installed and the site where remote viewing is desired.

What do I need for a complete Hikvision CCTV system?

Hikvision CCTV system will be based around a DVR/ NVR. CCTV cameras are connected to the DVR/ NVR using cables and there will be some ancillary items such as a power supply for the cameras/ BNC/ RJ45 connectors will required, for storage surveillance hard drive, LCD Monitor or TV, Mobile & most importantly Internet for remote access.

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