DAHUA NVR CCTV security surveillance has helped much to curb the unlawful situation that happens around us. Moreover, it has almost become a requisite to the organizations and also homes to plan and as well as install proper surveillance systems. Conversely, with the better quality images, improved search capabilities, simultaneous recording and also in playing etc. Although, the IP security systems have redefined the surveillance in a much involved and as well as advanced way. In IP security systems, NVR do the task of recording and managing.

NVR or Network Video Recorder is an IP based device used to record and play back the images / videos from the IP cameras. Simultaneous,  actions of recording and also streaming is possible with the Network Video recorder.


DAHUA NVR in Dubai

Dahua is a widely accepted leader in the production of CCTV security systems in the world. The Dahua Network Video Recorders comes with advanced technologies that prove to be worth. CCTV Dubai is renowned in providing a reliable and scalable CCTV security solutions to clients in Dubai to various industries. Dahua NVR comes in varied models. It includes the Ultra NVR, Pro NVR and also Light NVR series. These series have different channel support NVR’s which has the capacity to support multiple channels.

CCTV Dubai has the experience of several years in providing complete CCTV security systems in UAE.  The planning and deployment of the CCTV installation is purely in accord with the user specifications and the requirements. We believe that the prospective outcomes that the clients required is available with the Dahua NVR and IP cameras. With the latest systems and also cameras, to be more secured with the leader in the CCTV provider is your primary responsibility. Choosing a planning is important, the rest leave to us. Consult with us for advanced security solutions in Dubai, UAE.