CP-Plus is a renowned name in the CCTV market. The company is actively involved in the production of IP camera. It also include Analog cameras, network video recorder, Digital Video recorder, security products. Conversely, from security to throughput, the advantages “CP Plus” products provide are plenty. Moreover, the CP-Plus IP camera find their use in different surveillance applications. Although, It across various industries, institutions, banking, hospitality etc.

Moreover, CCTV is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in deploying security systems. Similarly, the level of professionalism and knowledge we control in delivering security surveillance. It has earned us the best CCTV Company in Dubai. Conversely, If you are looking for a new surveillance system or wish to change from the analog to the IP Surveillance System. As a result, you have the right option for us. With the added features and also functionalities, the CP-Plus IP Camera can be the best surveillance applications. It extends comprehensive protection. It also ensures your companies assets and also properties ideas remain intact. Conversely, the selection comprises of various models that are designed and also developed for varied circumstance.


These are available in various types. And also it’s types include Box Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Cube cameras, Dome Cameras, Fish – eye, and / or  also Vandal Dome Camera. 

Furthermore, these cameras are designed for use in residential, small and / or medium business applications. CP Plus IP Cube cameras are an attractive surveillance camera solution. The camera uses different mega pixel CMOS. It  sensors depending on the models with different IR ranges.

The CP-Plus Dome cameras come with the features that improve surveillance abilities. It making ideal for watching areas that need isolated surveillance. These cameras use different mega pixel CMOS sensors. The sensors depending on the models with different IR ranges.

These CP-Plus Vandal Dome Cameras are the best choice for both indoor and / or  outdoor surveillance system. Depending on the models these cameras employ varied mega pixel CMOS image sensors for the surveillance.

These IP cameras render industry leading performance with the state of the art technology. It is  equipped with 1 / 2.82 MP cmos. It also renders good quality resolution videos. These cameras are compatible with the IOS android and also / or  windows smart phones.

Depending on  model, cameras are highly mega pixel. The sensor with different IR range. It also maintain the flexibility of camera. 

CCTV Dubai delivers various types of surevillance systems for different applications . Where as, it is including the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras – al – Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm – al – Quwain, Al Ain, and/ or also Ajman.

The installation of the CCTV security system is purely in accord with user specifications. Likewise, we trust that the potential outcome. The client wants are available with the cp plus security systems. However, with the latest systems and camera, to be more secure should be your prime concern. Contact us for a reliable and / or scalable CCTV security installation in Dubai.