CCTV for Office – Office Surveillance Systems

Office CCTV Installers UAE

We believe that powerful high-definition Office CCTV Installer UAE do not have to be complicated, that’s why our systems are sophisticated yet simple to operate and understand. With our CCTV for offices, you are able to view high-definition CCTV recordings on a range of devices and can store footage for up to 31 days in order to view any surveillance footage, up to that date, in the past.

A robust CCTV for Office – Office Surveillance Systems can allow you to monitor and review specific times, events, alarms, and/or actions and also control pan, tilt, and zoom cameras (dependent on the cameras you have installed) and all are customizable to your organizational needs.

Office Security UAE

An office security system will help you protect your staff and assets, as well as manage productivity, monitor visitors, reduce crime, and create a secure working environment for all. We have completed numerous office security system projects over the years and understand the daily security issues that offices and businesses face.

Deter vandalism and break-ins
Allow only authorized access to chosen staff and people
Monitor attendance and time-keeping
Improve health and safety
Help to keep your employees and visitors safe

We have helped design and install cost-effective office security systems for local and nationwide clients. We can help with access control systems, CCTV, intruder alarms, visitor management systems, and systems maintenance. For more information, please contact us on +971 52 887 1242.

Protecting your office and staff is vitally important in order to ensure that your assets and intellectual property, as well your staff are safe at all times. A robust office security system includes the following:

Office CCTV systems
Office access control systems
Office intercom system

Benefits of Office Security Systems

  • Ensure health and safety legislation compliance
  • Secure your office from trespassers and potential thefts
  • Provide defence against external and internal thefts
  • Control access to your office and limit access to any restricted areas
  • Ensure your office is protected when no one is there with an out-of-hours monitoring service and an office alarm system protecting your office.

CCTV Solutions specialize in office security systems and has installed many since we were founded in 1996. Following on from your initial site survey and in-depth consultation, we are able to design your tailored office security system.

If you just need an office alarm system, or a combination of CCTV, Access and intruder alarm we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you receive the system that you require.

CCTV Solutions offer a range of commercial security systems, business CCTV systems, access control systems and commercial intruder alarms for clients in United Arab Emirates. For more information on our services please contact us today to discuss your needs.

CCTV for Office – Office Surveillance Systems

CCTV for Office – Office Surveillance Systems are a deterrent and a means of viewing and recording potential intrusion, vandalism or violent behaviour before or while it is happening, as well as gathering evidence of a crime.

Dubai Police Approved CCTV Camera installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems or CCTV. There are many different types of camera, for example, High Definition (HD) Network connected, Analogue, Thermal etc… with a variety of diverse features e.g. video analytics, back light compensation, on board recording, low light level etc… and all with various image resolutions; the choice of camera will depend on customers’ operational requirements e.g. what has to be seen and when.

CCTV for Office – Office Surveillance Systems cost will depend on how many cameras and of what type are needed, the level and quality of detail in the image that is required, the capability of the recording device, the amount of storage required and the quality of the equipment that will be provided.

There might also be additional requirements to add illumination, detection, video analytics, remote monitoring or back up power supplies to ensure your security needs are met. Therefore it is essential that you are clear on exactly what you want the system to provide and when it needs to operate so that your requirements can be taken into account during the design stages, and an accurate quotation can be provided.